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Rezac & Associates Physical Therapy is committed to individualized treatment utilizing the most current research in manual therapy, modalities, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education and education. We provide physical therapy for Colorado Springs. Your goal is our goal. Our focus is to help you attain your physical goals to enhance your quality of life. We work with patients on an individual basis as a team through your recovery process at a pace that is comfortable for you to achieve your goals.

Your INITIAL EVALUATION will consist of a thorough evaluation and assessment of your problem. You and your therapist will determine your goals and treatment program. You will be educated about your problem and your specific treatment approach.

Our Mission & Vision Statement


“To provide exceptional and unparalleled quality of care combining the most current physical therapy practices and the art of individualized approach to attain maximal physical function and quality of life for adults and children with respect to our patients, referral sources, insurance payers, and team.”

Our Patients – We value our patients and work in collaboration with their goals, values, and sensitivity to meet their individual needs in a supportive, energetic, and fun environment to produce optimal results and attain incomparable patient satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to educate our patients on how to take care of themselves. “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. If you teach him how to fish, he eats for the rest of his life.”

Our Referral Sources – We are committed to a team-oriented approach, working in collaboration with all other members of the patient’s health care team to promote seamless, effective treatment. We value our colleagues in the health care community and foster positive networking relationships in order to accomplish more as a team than as individuals. We will communicate with the health care team via written and verbal communication at all times.

Our Payers – We aim to provide our insurance payers and their participants with quality, cost-effective, outcome-based, physical therapy services. Every treatment is delivered with current evidence-based practice and the need for services is thoroughly documented.

Our Team – We want to support our team members’ professional, personal & financial growth, continuing education and community involvement. Support offered by the company will be in proportion to the individual employee’s contribution to the growth and success of the clinic. We are committed to mentoring students, new clinicians, and fostering the continued development of experienced clinicians and the physical therapy profession to raise the standards of practice.


Our vision is to be the best provider of physical therapy services in Colorado Springs. We want to be known for exceptional customer service and progressive quality of care and to raise the standard of physical therapy practice in Colorado Springs.


Located in Central Colorado Springs, serving patients from Monument CO, Woodland Park CO, Castle Rock CO and Falcon CO communities