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Volunteer Internships

We encourage people who are considering physical therapy as a profession to experience it first hand. It is a 6-7 year education process to be a physical therapist and physical therapy schools require that the applicant have spent some time observing the profession. This is the opportunity to get your hours and see first hand if this field is for you. Most of our interns are in their senior year of high school or working on their Bachelor's Degree. We only accept serious, professional interns.

Please email your resume:

You Can Be Me - A Career in Physical Therapy

Career in Physical Therapy

Career in Physical Therapy

Volunteer Intern Testimonials

"My time spent working with Dyanna was the best I experienced anywhere while volunteering with different therapists on my way to applying to graduate school to become a physical therapist. Dyanna was always professional and kind while encouraging me to ask questions about different treatments. Although I had no previous experience, Dyanna would let me try some treatments on patients while she instructed me, which really strengthened my desire to become a physical therapist. She allowed me to be as involved as possible with the patients, which I really appreciated and has been the exception to the norm in my experience. The interactions I observed between Dyanna and her patients, coworkers, and students spoke of her care for patient well-being, dedication to the field, and pursuit of continuous education. Dyanna is a top notch therapist and excellent teacher. I would highly recommend any opportunity to work with Dyanna."

Jesse D. (Volunteer Intern, DPT Student Class of 2012)

"Thank you for allowing me to come into your clinic this summer. I have enjoyed watching you and learning from you. I really admire you as a therapist. Your enthusiasm about PT has helped me see how good the field can be. I appreciate your time and openness with me. Your are GREAT!"

Nicki S. (Volunteer intern)