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Dr. Dyanna Rezac, Thank you. I was in pain for 20 years, and I am feeling better. I continue to do my physical therapy at home with the worksheets you gave me. I didn’t believe that it would help because I have been to therapy before, but it just hurt me and I didn’t get results. Thank you also for addressing other issues; you have gone above and beyond the call of duty. P.S. Martiny was extra nice and professional!

Patsy Q

“The best PT office in the state! Professional but also friendly like being with a family. You feel right at home when you walk in the door and they are always looking for ways to improve your situation and make you feel better. Love this place!”


“Rezac & Associates is the friendliest PT office we have ever been to! You are treated like a person, not a number! Great atmosphere, great Doctors & the cutest therapy dogs that make you smile every visit.”

The Anthonys

“They take the too old and sore to work out that have dropped out of everywhere else. Coming to Rezac Physical therapists I have been gently taught how to move and smile again. Awesome new business with doctors and therapy dogs who are changing lives!”

Jan H.

“Dr’s Dy & Scott have developed a fantastic business with a wonderful group of professionals dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of their community. I highly recommend them!”

Julie M.

“The Rezac team of professionals performed post surgery PT on my daughter in there warm, professional and up to date facility. They truly do show how much they care about each individual patient. Thanks Dr.’s Dy and Scott :)”

Denie R.

“The owners are husband/wife team, butressed by prior high level management experience with other firms, bringing broad understanding, high expertese and administration, knowing what works for patients, even use of man’s best friend, dogs, as aids.”

Greg H.

“This is an innovative business endeavor which not only seeks to prevent/care for injuries but educates others effectively to do the same.”


“The Rezacs are always friendly and make me feel at home. Most of all I feel a lot better physically when I leave. I am learning how to work my body so not to aggravate the pain.”

Sandy J.

“I’ve been in PT since the early 90’s and Dr. Dyanna is the first person to get me moving and explain my condition to me so I can work out on my own. I don’t need to be in constant pain anymore!”


“Drs. Scott and Dyanna are passionate about their business and their patients. It shows as soon as you walk through the door and permeates every aspect of the business. They’re extremely professional and competent.”


“The Rezacs are very professional, and willing to go the extra mile for their patients. Rezac P.T. is the best physical therapy provider that I’ve had in 30 years and in 4 different states.”


“After many PT’s over the years, none have been as professional and astute as Rezac and Associates. I refuse to go to anyone else. At Other facilities you are just a number, at Rezac and Assoc. you are a person, and they produce the results.”

Sherry B.

“Scott and Dyanna are the best at what they do. They and their staff are also courteous, pleasant and go above and beyond. They are a huge asset to the medical community here in Colorado Springs.”


“Highly professional and dedicated owners who care about providing the best care using the highest physical therapy practice standards. They care about the community and give back more than they receive in many ways.”


“Rezac & Associates are fabulous, they were very thorough in their care. I looked forward to each visit in their office everyone had such a great attitude. Loved the labs!”


“They are wonderful to work with. They truly care about their patients. Number one in P.T.!!”


“Drs. Scott and Dyanna Rezac are the best of the best and their facility is one of a kind…”

Greg S.

“Dyanna and Scott Rezac are the best in their field and have the best staff around. You know that they work to make sure that each client gets individualized treatment in a professional, client-centered atmosphere. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

D. Tuley

“Dyanna and Scott have the unique ability to make patients feel comfortable in their office. They tailor a fruitful rehab program for each individual. Staff is also welcoming and extremely helpful. Community outreach is a priority to them.”


“Drs. Scott and Dyanna Rezac are the top of their field. They are extremely knowledgeable and their patients are their #1 priority.”


“NOTHING compares! They are compassionate experts. Encouragement and praise rule! Rezac Assoc have grafted into me the desire to keep truck’n with my program at home. Recovery becomes fun! PT dogs- love ’em! Wish I could take them home!! Kudos to all!”


“Dr. Dy and Dr. Scott are both very caring, compassionate people who are cutting edge in their physical therapy industry. They truly contribute in many ways to the community of Colorado Springs in Colorado. “


“This is not only the most caring PT but they really are so knowledgeable. They not only teach PT but are continually attending classes themselves. I would recommend them to anyone because I think your healing would be faster under their care.”

Linda Lou

“Where else can you be in pain and have a dog lick your face, and tell you it will be okay. Besides, I get to pick the music I want to listen to.”


“Rezac & Assoc is a practice that provides highly competent advice and processes for their patients. However, it is also how they make their patients feel which elevates them to a level few business enterprises attain.”

J. Libby

“I highly recommend Drs. Scott and Dyanna Rezac. I would not go anywhere else for Physical Therapy!”


“You are treated like family! Warm and welcoming, you feel right at home every time. They are such a great group, fun loving, top notch in their skills, just can’t say enough good things about them. You won’t find a better PT office in the Springs.”


“The Drs. and staff are the best in the Springs area that I have encounter. They are friendly and and helpful. I love these guys the most for making me feel like I belonged and I was more comfortable to continue my therapy.”


“Best practice in town. With advanced degrees and training these doctors of physical therapy have the knowledge to allow patients to directly access their services without a physician referral. Sure saves patients time and money.”

David S.

“This practice is small enough to be personable, yet large enough to have state-of-the art equipment. Innovative ideas include Wii workouts & therapy dogs. The medical field should use them to ‘set the bar’ for other PT offices.”


“The facility is state of the art, and they find really fun and innovative ways to treat thier patients and keep them motivated. The therapy dogs are amazing too. They are an amazing option for those that are seeking healing.”


“They are attentive to their patients and treat everyone with respect. They’re compassionate in the handling of each individuals needs and take a no-nonsense approach in your treatment; while being fun and relaxing as well.”

Jeanette S-H

“Drs. Scott and Dyanna Rezac really care about their patients as if they are part of the family. They use cutting-edge practices to make your rehabilitation fun!”


“Drs. Scott and Dyanna Rezac are phenomenal. They take physical therapy to a whole new level. Their office is warm and inviting, and all of the people in the office treat you like you are a part of the family.”


“Drs. Scott & Dyanna Rezac are passionate, caring, knowledgeable, and fun. They are incredibly talented physical therapists who generously share their knowledge with others; patients, students, and other professionals.”


“Great people, very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who needed physical therapy. They listen, help and you see results. I enjoy each time I go as it has been very helpful.”


“Rezac Physical Therapy really cares about people. The staff is professional and brings tons of enthusiasm to their work. They treat you as an individual and listen to your needs and concerns. I highly recommend Rezac and Associates.”


“I love Rezac & Associates because they helped me tremendously. They are very professional, yet so much fun. They make you feel so comfortable. It’s almost like being with family when your around the people that work there. Their great!”


“Scott and Dyanna Rezac have committed themselves to becoming EXCEPTIONAL PT’s, both clinically and professionally. The letters behind their names are just a glimpse of their wealth of knowledge and experience! They are role models for our profession.”


“I first came to Dyanna for knee pain. She knew it was really hip alignment causing the knee pain. She used techniques not only to relieve the “too tight” white tissue, but gave me exercises to strengthen my hip joint and core strength. She also taught me how to watch for bad posture at work, which was causing the issue, and how to move the right way and get the same job done. She also suggested stretches to relieve the strain I was putting on my hip when I forgot to move the right way. I left her feeling no pain, not causing myself any more pain and stronger than I’ve been in awhile. So when my frozen shoulder needed a PT, I requested a referral to Dyanna. I’m really looking forward to her new office opening so I can continue to use her and refer my friends to her.”

Janet M.

“After several years of requiring physical therapy for a wide variety of reasons, I am convinced that Dyanna can help with just about anything from head to toe. She also makes it so much fun, so positive, and gives you so much information for continuing on your own, that you are disappointed when you don’t need her anymore! As a horse rider in the demanding sport of dressage, still trying to keep riding in my late 60s, Dyanna has helped me through many different physical setbacks. Whatever you have going wrong, take advantage of her extensive knowledge before you give up. Hopefully, like me, you’ll be amazed at how much your body and mind can keep doing in spite of the aging process. Thanks Dyanna!”

Linda M.

“Thanks for ‘saving’ our feet! I’d recommend you and your skills to anyone!”

Shirley K.

“I can’t say in words how I feel about the help you have been to me all these months. You are a terrific Doctor & counselor. Thank you so much for all of your help and concern regarding me.”

John E.

“Thank you for all your great care & expertise. I have come a long way since I first saw you. I am feeling so much better thanks to you. You have truly been a blessing to me!”

Debbie L.

“Scott – Thank you for all the progress you helped me with on my foot. You all made the experience 100 times more pleasant.”

Rachael T.

“Thank you so much for the kind, compassionate care you have given me over the past six months. I will miss seeing all of you, especially the therapy dog. You make therapy fun.”

Cheryl D.

“Thank you for all your work, expertise, patience and laughter! My recovery has been such a good experience because of you. I’m walking, climbing stairs and much better than I have been in many years.”

Penny B.

“I am deeply grateful for your wonderful care, your endless patience, and your encouragement. I feel deeply blessed by your wonderful care & support! Of course, hugs for dear Frisco.”

Susan B.

“Thanks for keeping us together!”

Sherry B

“I completed my final six-month clinical rotation at Rezac and Associates and had a life and career changing experience. Scott was my primary CI, but I had the opportunity to work closely with all 5 physical therapists during my time there. Each has their own approach to patient management, manual therapy, documentation and advocacy. Each had valuable lessons to teach and offered a unique perspective and amazing feedback. I’d highly recommend a rotation long enough to be able to spend time with each therapist.”

“Be ready for a challenge, though, this clinical rotation is designed to push your clinical decision making, manual skills, professionalism and teaching skills. Scott pushes your limits starting on day one, making you justify your every thought and action, giving you research to hunt through often. He isn’t trying to break you, but ensuring you know why you are taking each action, and that you truly understand all the pieces at play. He teaches you to prioritize and be efficient, and how to apply what you’re reading and what you’ve learned in school. Both Scott and Dyanna challenge your thoughts about physical therapy as a profession and make you develop your own opinions about current practice, future development, and your own involvement. Its hugely valuable and has made me a better physical therapist not just in the clinic but as a part of the larger profession.”

K. Mikayla George, DPT Class of 2016
Regis University

Comments from Anonymous Satisfaction Surveys

What did we do well with your care?

Explained the problem thoroughly and educated about it so as to have a better understanding of how it affected function

You knew exactly what was needed to bring my foot back to almost perfect mobility. I will continue to work at home. Also, the education you gave me on my condition and what needed to be done to heal it correctly was what I will need to continue to heal at home.

Explanation of injury, demonstration of exercises, manipulation of foot, treatment of swelling, very personable, and extremely knowledgeable.

Incredible dedication to looking for creative solutions to the problem. Good communication and support!

Just knowing where the pain was coming from helped, then getting specific exercises to deal with the pain made all the difference. I finally had someone that wanted me better, not just an income stream.

Everything! The moral and emotional support was as important to me as the physical. It has been most helpful and encouraging to have things explained. It helps me to understand myself and my body better. I was treated the same if it was an up or down day, always encouraged and NEVER chastised. It is easy to feel part of the family there. For the first time ever…I would look forward to going to PT, knowing I was cared about and cared for by professionals who are the best in their field. I will hate to see it end, however…I have a feeling I will be back after having surgery on my left foot someday. I would not go anywhere else. You gained my trust and cannot compare to any other PT facility where I have been treated. I value your vast knowledge in the field and the relationship that has been built. I would not change a thing!