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PTA Affiliates

We have also developed a student program to foster the growth of our profession and future Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs). This is for students seeking a serious orthopedic clinical affiliation site for their course of study with attentive, challenging, evidence-based practice clinical instructors. We are active in entry-level education as well as continuing education and keep up to date on the most current practice and manual skills. We emphasize regional interdependence and treat the whole person at Rezac PT which requires a strong foundation knowledge of basic orthopedic skills in order to grasp the interplay between multiple areas of the body. At Rezac PT, we provide one-on-one supervision with emphasis on supervised clinical skill development vs. what you may find at other facilities where students are used as “free help” with minimal supervision.Contact us if you are interested in setting up an affiliation. Keep in mind allowing enough time for a contract to be established with your school if there is not one in place. Affiliations are granted by interview only.

PTA Student Testimonials

“Scott is an amazing clinical instructor. He challenges his students to grow in their knowledge and skills, while supporting them as professionals and as individuals. He brings out the best in his students, staff, and patients. He takes his students’ strengths and weakness into account and effectively assists them in improving and using their abilities. He is an amazing wealth of knowledge and a valuable asset to the learning and healthcare community. He encourages a passion for the profession and life long learning.”

Emily Coyle, PTA Class of 2010
PIMA Medical Institute