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Meet the Team

Lady Kona Kia Haley-Rezac, RTD, CGC

Animal Assisted Therapy Canine

Kona is an American Yellow Labrador Retriever born 6/23/08 named for Kona, Hawaii, Scott & Dyanna's favorite island on their Honeymoon and Kona Kia is translated from Hawaiian to mean "White Lady". Kona joined our team at 8 weeks and is a Registered Therapy Dog through Delta Sociaty and a Certified Canine Good Citizen through the American Kennel Club. Kona has a true affinity for people, loves to be petted, and demonstrates an eagerness to learn new skills. In her free time from training, Kona loves to retrieve, catch, and play with Frisco.

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) have been becoming increasingly popular in healthcare settings as the therapeutic benefit of improving treatment outcomes and quality of life is being realized. Dogs are particularly suited for this work because of their long history of living and working with humans, and their ability to be trained. Our therapy dogs are eager and willing to assist in your therapy; however, interaction with them is completely optional and we are sensitive to persons with allergies or adversions to dogs.

Animal assisted therapy (AAT) is defined by the Delta Society as a goal-directed intervention in which an animal that meets specific criteria is an integral part of the treatment process. AAT is directed and/or delivered by a health/human service professional with specialized expertise and within the scope of practice for his/her profession. AAT is designed to promote improvement in human physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning.

For more information on AAT, visit Delta Society or Denver Pet Parners

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