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Graduate Student Affiliations

In our commitment to education, we have developed a student program to foster the growth of our profession and future clinicians. This is a program for students who are enrolled in a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program and are looking for a serious orthopedic clinical affiliation site for their course of study with attentive, challenging, evidence-based practice clinical instructors. We are active in entry-level education as well as continuing education and keep up to date on the most current practice and manual skills. We emphasize regional interdependence and treat the whole person at Rezac PT which requires a strong foundation knowledge of basic orthopedic skills in order to grasp the interplay between multiple areas of the body. At Rezac PT, we provide one-on-one supervision with emphasis on supervised clinical skill development vs. what you may find at other facilities where students are used as “free help” with minimal supervision. Contact us if you are interested in setting up an affiliation. Keep in mind allowing enough time for a contract to be established with your school if there is not one in place. Affiliations are granted by interview only.

Graduate Student Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of spending 3 months of my last orthopedic affiliation at Rezac and Associates Physical Therapy as I had Dr. Dyanna Haley-Rezac as my primary clinical instructor. Dyanna set high expectations right off the bat to ensure that I had the tools and confidence necessary to work as an entry-level physical therapist. As the first few weeks past, I quickly realized that this was the clinical experience I was hoping for; a clinician rooted in evidenced based clinical practice, emphasizing manual techniques, patient education, as well as implementing comprehensive individualized exercise programs for each patient. But more importantly, someone willing to take the time to mentor, guide and teach me how to become a well-rounded physical therapist. From the start, Dyanna pushed me to break out of my shell so that I could connect with my patients and allow me to bridge the gap between my academic knowledge and my clinical skill set.

I strongly recommend considering Rezac and Associates Physical Therapy as a clinical affiliation as Dr. Dyanna Haley-Rezac, Dr. Scott Rezac, and Dr. Valerie Menendez, as well as their support staff, serve as positive role models for both the physical therapy profession and the entire health care community. Their dedication to higher-level education and lifelong learning is extremely contagious, as they have influenced me to seek out an accredited APTA clinical residency upon graduation. Since completing my clinical affiliation, I feel confident and comfortable in my abilities within the orthopedic setting, as I owe my maturity as a novice physical therapist to my direct experiences working with the staff at Rezac and Associates Physical Therapy. If you truly desire to be challenged in the orthopedic setting, Dyanna, Scott, Valerie and their support staff, will facilitate your growth and development while ensuring that you have the best clinical experience possible.”

Brian Briggs, DPT Class of 2011
Regis University
Junior Resident in Sports Physical Therapy, The Ohio State University

“I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to spend my time at Rezac and Associates during my final DPT rotation. Dr. Scott Rezac was my primary clinical instructor and I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable instructor and mentor! I was hoping for an instructor who was involved and passionate about the profession; what I encountered was so much more. The entire staff’s professional involvement is contagious and the passion for forwarding physical therapy is not one which can easily be matched.

Be ready to be challenged! Starting my first day I was challenged and questioned, ensuring I was not only utilizing evidence based practice and what I had learned, but could explain in both medical and layman’s terms my reasoning and my thought process for my actions. Scott was not solely focused on making sure I was following all of the “steps” I learned in school; he also cared about whether I knew why I was doing something. This is the type of mentorship you need and will want as a new graduate. I had the opportunity to learn, question, discuss, debate, develop skills, and practice every single day.

This is a phenomenal experience which will not only challenged my musculoskeletal and orthopedic skills, but also engaged my mindset to neuromuscular involvement with every patient. I gained a true perspective and appreciation for the wide variety of individuals I will see and work with as a physical therapist. I was encouraged to reach outside of the box for interventions, treatments, and my plan of care for each patient. In fact, I do not know if I ever saw a patient who actually fit the “mold” of what you are prepared for during didactic coursework. However, following this experience, I was able to graduate confident in not only my knowledge, but also my manual skills as a novice physical therapist. I am now looking forward to continuing to enhance the profession of physical therapy alongside Scott, Dyanna and Valerie.”

Megan Fitzsimmons, DPT Class of 2012
Regis University

“Stepping into a first clinical affiliation as a student with no prior hands-on experience can be a very intimidating feeling. A great deal of luck landed me with Dyanna as my clinical instructor for my first orthopedic affiliation. My intimidation quickly went by the wayside as Dyanna was very direct with me right off the bat about what she expected from me and how she would always be there to help. The extra time she worked with me outside of the hours we were seeing patients was a great benefit to my summer experience, and I know that I will use many of the methods she taught me in my clinical practice in the future. Speaking with other classmates about their affiliations, I feel that I had the best clinical instructor I could have possibly had in Dyanna. She constantly challenged me to go beyond what I was most comfortable with, and she demanded an excellence that was second to none.

Dyanna cares deeply about the physical therapy profession, which is very evident by the hard work she puts in to making sure students have the best learning experience possible. The great part about working with Dyanna was the independence she allowed me to have while working with patients. She was always in close proximity with suggestions as to how I could improve my treatments and interventions; however, she encouraged me to treat using my own style and ideas. She is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person, and I know that I will be using her as a mentor throughout my entire practice as a clinician in the future. I would highly recommend this learning experience to any student looking to be challenged in many ways and looking to practice in a demanding environment that will transform him or her into a much better clinician!”

Corey Southers, DPT Class of 2010
University of Evansville

“I feel extremely fortunate to have had Scott as a clinical instructor. Not once was I left to treat patients without supervision. This was not due to a lack of confidence in me. No, Scott’s attentiveness maximized learning opportunities, drawing from his clinical experience, which I quickly realized would teach me more than I could ever expect from a textbook There is no question that he is a highly skilled manual therapist, exposing me to a plethora of effective techniques which were not discussed in my DPT curriculum. He went above and beyond the call of duty to improve upon these skills by staying after hours on several occasions, and, considering the work day typically ended no sooner than 7pm, this was especially meaningful to me. Manual skill aside, he was considerate enough to tailor his communication and teaching style to match my learning style. His timely feedback was integral to improving my care delivery without overwhelming me in the process. More importantly, Scott instilled in me his passion for constantly improving oneself through continued education and advancing the profession by becoming active in local and state APTA leadership through the incorporation of Colorado APTA district meetings into his clinical education program.”

Erin Fonseca, DPT Class of 2013
Texas Women’s University

“Scott is an amazing clinical instructor. He challenges his students to grow in their knowledge and skills, while supporting them as professionals and as individuals. He brings out the best in his students, staff, and patients. He takes his students’ strengths and weakness into account and effectively assists them in improving and using their abilities. He is an amazing wealth of knowledge and a valuable asset to the learning and healthcare community. He encourages a passion for the profession and life long learning.”

Emily Coyle, PTA Class of 2010
PIMA Medical Institute

“I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for being such a great CI on my last clinical. Everything I learned has definitely helped.”

Maura R., DPT Student

“Thank you so much for having me this summer. I really had a wonderful time and learned so much from you.”

Leslie A., MPT student

“Thanks so much for everything. Ya’ll have really helped to make this a great experience for me. I will never forget y’all.”

Casey H., MPT student