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Fellows in Training

Fellow in Taining (FiT) Testimonials

"I had the amazing opportunity to complete my mentorship hours for my orthopaedic manual therapy fellowship program at Rezac and Associates. Their clinic set-up is a model for private practice physical therapy and places a heavy emphasis on education. Dr. Scott Rezac provides for diverse patient populations, including many patients with persistent pain or complex medical issues. He employs a wide variety of manual therapy techniques, dry needling approaches, and innovative neurodynamic interventions. Dr. Dyanna Rezac has been a pioneer for physical therapists in functional medicine and telehealth. Both Scott and Dyanna are involved with the APTA, having moved the profession forward in many ways.

Direct access, primary care physical therapy, and ordering of imaging are common in Rezac and Associates' clinical practice. Those elements combined with a highly complex caseload makes the experience demanding yet rewarding. Though I was getting hours for an orthopaedic manual therapy fellowship, all areas of my clinical practice, especially clinical decision making, were challenged and developed. (Fellows-in-training may even have a few discussions with them on professional hot topics.) Scott and Dyanna engage in best practice with an emphasis on creating a strong therapeutic alliance and working together with their patients. This collaboration extends to their clinical teaching as well. The willingness to collaborate empowers fellows-in training. Not only does it enhance the experience for the learners, but also for the patient.

Overall, both Scott and Dyanna have devoted their careers to their patients, students, employees and the physical therapy profession. This is apparent after spending time in their clinic. This is a great opportunity for any professional looking to continue their clinical evolution."

Steven Kinney PT, DPT, OCS (Fellow in Training)
Regis University Fellowship in Manual Physical Therapy.

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Dyanna and Dr. Scott while doing Mentorship for Regis's Fellowship program. They had an excellent reputation in the area for exceptional patient care and I was excited to experience this first hand.

They did an excellent job of incorporating me into their patients' treatment plan. They challenged my thought process and encouraged me to think outside of my box. I was given opporutnity to be hands on with all patients I worked. My opinions were encouraged, even if they differed from theirs. They were just as interested as learning from me as I was from them.

Their clinic is an excellent model of a PT-owned clinic. It operated efficiently, compassionately and implements the highest form of evidence. It is a good example for FiT's to see what a successful private practice can look like.

I would highly recommend this clinic for Mentorship for future FiT's. It will enhance your practice to spend some time here with these remarkable Physical Therapists.

Danielle Brachman, PT, DPT (Fellow in Training)
Regis University Fellowship in Manual Physical Therapy

Drs. Scott and Dyanna Rezac came highly recommended from the director of my program when I was searching for fellows with whom I could complete my mentorship hours. On short notice, I reached out to Scott and Dyanna to see if they would be willing to take me on for two weeks and they fortunately agreed.

Upon arrival, I was immediately made to feel a part of the team from Scott and Dyanna, as well as the rest of the staff. This created an extremely positive environment where it was easy to get settled and quickly feel comfortable caring for their patients and beginning the mentorship. The diverse patient populations they both see were challenging, stimulating, and provided an outstanding learning experience. However, the key to the invaluable experience I had was the mentorship and teaching abilities exhibited by both Scott and Dyanna as they pushed me to further develop my clinical reasoning and manual therapy skills. As important as the practical aspects of the learning experience were, the fact that this was accomplished in an atmosphere of complete collegiality, where open dialogue and mutual learning was embraced, made this a truly unique experience.

The clinic epitomizes what outpatient physical therapy should be, providing outstanding patient care in a superb environment conducive to continued growth and learning. My only regret is not being able to spend more time with them.

Craig Rudikoff, PT, DPT (Fellow in Training)
Regis University Fellowship in Manual Therapy

As part of my fellowship training through Regis, I had the opportunity to mentor with Dr. Dyanna Rezac. Dyanna was recommended by multiple professors and students due to her knowledge, passion for the profession and teaching, excellent manual skills, and unique therapeutic exercises. My experience with the entire staff at Rezac & Associates proved invaluable to develop my clinical skills and achieve my goal to become a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists.

From the first day, Dyanna made the transition in patient care easy for both the patients and me. This ensured trust, communication, an open learning environment, and most importantly, a focus on the patient.

Dyanna effectively challenged my clinical reasoning, while encouraging new ideas. This allowed me to further develop my critical thinking skills and push past my comfort zone. Furthermore, Dyanna's ability to provide alternatives for manual therapy techniques was extremely beneficial. She not only recommended options for improved body mechanics or various patient body types, but also practiced these skills with me during her personal time.

Rezac & Associates provides patients with superior care and is the ideal environment for professional development as a Fellow in Training.

Kimberly Cowen, PT, DPT
Regis University, Fellowship in Manual Therapy 2014