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Dr. Dyanna CSBJ Article on Leadership 2020

Dyanna Regis 10 Year

During the past decade I have learned to be a more collaborative and integrative leader. By following the principles in “The Leadership Challenge” [Barry Posner and James Kouzes], I no longer only model the way by example, but also have fostered an environment for my team at Rezac and Associates Physical Therapy to enable them to act on their ideas, inspire them to share their vision with ours and encourage their hearts to follow what they are passionate about. As a leader of a primarily millennial team, I have concentrated on understanding our workforce today and what they value. By fostering their dreams and ambitions, we have a strong team who provides exceptional quality of care utilizing the most evidence-based practices.

I continue to challenge the process of healthcare by creating an environment where we treat the whole person: mind, body and spirit to achieve better health outcomes. This has led to me going back to school for Functional Medicine where I now practice via telehealth to get to the underlying “root” cause of my patients’ health issues. We tend to reactively treat patients in Western medicine according to their symptoms rather than being proactive about personalized health coaching and wellness to address potential for illness before it becomes a symptom through genetics and epigenetics (lifestyle factors that impact our gene expression). I feel this is the future of healthcare and continue to develop my leadership in this realm through teaching patients, our Doctor of Physical Therapy students, residents, Fellows and the healthcare community.