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/ Therapeutic Taping

/ Therapeutic Taping

Kinesio® tape is the newest form of therapeutic taping invented by Kenso Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, in 1970. It was introduced in the United States in 1996 and has gained continual popularity with professional athletes and Olympians. We continue to see more and more athletes covered with this hot pink, bright blue and black tape being touted as the athlete’s “new mojo”.

Elastic (Kinesio® Tex, Balance® Tex, Sports® Tex & Kinesiology® Tape) tape is strong, elastic, and light weight.

It facilitates normal motion, decreases edema, improves pain and facilitates biomechanical alignment. Elastic tape is water resistant, durable and easy to wear, usually 3-5 days, latex free and generally very well tolerated.

Drs. Scott & Dyanna Rezac are Certified Kinesio® Taping Practioners (CKTPs) with extensive backgrounds in other forms of therapeutic taping including athletic taping, McConnell & Mulligan techniques. They are not only skilled in many taping techniques to improve pain and function faster, they are instructors in the physical therapy community presenting numerous courses on evidence-based practice in taping.

Elastic taping is not just for athletes. We utilize this intervention for support and pain relief for post-operative conditions, acute injury, back pain, during pregnancy, with children and adolescents, scoliosis, for postural support, sacroiliac (SI) dysfunction and many other conditions. It is an adjunct to our manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise and modalities to return people to pain-free living without surgery or medication.